Positive Stories: A website to inspire others!

Recognising that treatment plays an important role in addressing drug and alcohol issues within the community the Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) developed this website in an effort to achieve the following aims:

  • To reduce the marginalisation of drug users
  • To provide inspiration for current drug users who want to deal with their drug use
  • To make people outside of the drug and alcohol sector aware that:
    • Treatment works
    • Drug users are entitled to receive treatment
    • Treatment is worth the investment

Within the drug and alcohol sector there are a wide range of treatment options. It is important that all of these are made available to individuals seeking treatment because no single approach can be effective for everyone.

The stories contained on this website offer real life examples of the impact of treatment in the community and the journey of those who are involved in the process. Research has shown that treatment works and that it offers a range of positive outcomes for individuals, families and the community. Research also indicates that treatment can reduce and/or stop drug use, save lives, improve health and reduce crime.

The stories have been provided by people with the following experiences in relation to drug and alcohol treatment:

  • People who have successfully dealt with their drug use issues or those that are in the process of working towards this goal
  • Managers and workers from a variety of treatment services who can provide a first hand account about the role of treatment and the benefits it can offer
  • Family members who have supported or are currently supporting a family member through the treatment process

All of the contributions to this website are based on true stories, however, identifying details of authors, people and places have been changed to ensure anonymity.



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